Train Hard and Rest Easy with CBD

Train Hard and Rest Easy with CBD

Train Hard and Rest Easy with CBD

So if you are here it is highly likely that you are curious and considering the potential of CBD oil or muscle relief balm as a trusted ally for your athletic and fitness goals this year.

You may already have an excellent training regime – and with this, comes the obvious risk of strain and injury. As every athlete knows, recovery is just as imperative as the physical push when it comes to fitness and optimum health.

Pre and post workout care, and supporting your muscles to relax in the post work out or rest days, are just as essential to focus on as your end goal.

“As a personal trainer and someone that works out every day and really pushes myself a lot, I noticed the biggest difference in inflammation and stress after a workout, it basically manages and prevents my joint inflammation, that aching kind of feeling, that I’d get after a heavy lift day,” Tara Laferrara, a former sprinter and a NASM certified personal trainer, recently told Mens Health.

Next level fitness regime support with CBD

Let’s think about stepping up your fitness level, speeding up your recovery process, and hitting that sweet spot of equilibrium and balance in your body.

The best CBD oil products are rapidly gaining popularity in the fitness fields, including oral drops and topical use of CBD balm and ointment.

These CBD balms, topical ointments and oral products are becoming increasingly popular alternatives to high street products which can be packed with toxic chemicals, and accompanying over the counter pharmaceuticals which can have potentially detrimental side effects.

Studies and clinical research shows that CBD has been reported to ‘’exert a number of physiological, biochemical, and psychological effects that have the potential to benefit athletes’’.

Join the fitness elite CBD movement

Among the UK (though this is a global revolutionary movement) elite fitness network, CBD oils, CBD Muscle balm and rub, and CBD isolate products are becoming a trusted daily training supplement to support not just a healthy and wholesome balanced lifestyle, but getting you to those heights of human potential you are pushing towards.

Of course, the level of fitness and intensity that you engage in are all factored into exactly how CBD will work with you personally. But here is the beauty of it – it does work with you personally.

We all have a very unique central nervous system that governs everything from sleep and mood to appetite and weight.

Your nervous system knows when there is inflammation in your body, and if this inflammation hits a certain point, your body will say ‘ouch’.

This is usually the point that you have tipped the balance and need to rest and recover, because you have injured yourself and the game is over for a while.

Then the frustration kicks in, the good practices slip, and it seems like we have a mountain to climb all over again.

This is not such a great place to be – and it can be actively managed and avoided.

Whilst of course there is always a risk of injury, it is possible to reduce the risk by having a solid daily self care practice which could incorporate a healing CBD balm, and a few drops of a high quality CBD oil.

When taken regularly, CBD oil, muscle balm or ointment will work with your own internal system to target inflammation before it gets to ‘ouch’.

Be the Mindful Warrior

Taking a mindful approach is where we really start to invoke your very own inner health ninja guru.

If you are mindful of taking the time you need to prepare, and recover, you are listening to the subtle and complex workings of your body. This listening is the key to knowing yourself better, cultivating patience and achieving your highest potential.

This is the time to really align your mind, body and spirit.

Studies demonstrate the efficacy of mindful practice for athletes and fitness elite. You have to visualise the goal, and believe in it, to achieve it.

You have to believe in yourself and your miraculous body too.

Your body is your finely tuned instrument and home of the soul for this lifetime. Great masters throughout time have passed on teachings of mindfulness, through various ancient martial arts, sports and cultures.

Current athletes and advocates include champion Mike Tyson, who recently featured with CNBC having launched his own branded CBD and cannabis products in a multi million dollar investment and partnership.

The thing is, many athletes want to ‘do’ more than ‘be’. They want to push through the pain, perhaps even take over the counter pain relief to push through it and carry on.


You really can’t carry this on for long, without leading to further injury, burn out, or even addiction to over the counter pharmaceuticals.

So many sportsmen and women rely on these over the counter, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and pain relief options.

These medications can actually have a broad range number of side effects, can become detrimental to health with long term and frequent use, and even highly addictive.

Welcome to a new era of recovery and self awareness.

We propose a more conscious way of working with your body, by really getting to know yourself and listening to it more.

The more you listen to your body, the more you can raise your game and hit some peak performance.

We hold great potential in these bodies!

How about Dosage?

Common questions include how do you take CBD oil, and dosage has certainly been a tricky one to define, because it really does depend on the individual.

It is advisable to be consistent. It is essential that you’re as dedicated to your pre and post workout self care, as you are to the training.

How you do one thing is how you do everything.

So, dedication and discipline to a daily dose of CBD isolate oil and CBD muscle balm topical application is the key.

Ingesting a few drops under the tongue pre-workout can really help with your focus, and support your system to combat inflammation before it even arises. This method, known as ‘sublingual’, bypasses the digestive system and allows the CBD compound to enter the bloodstream directly. Here it will look out for the receptors in need, and get to work with them.

Using a CBD muscle balm particularly after your workout, will work directly with the receptors in the skin, targeting any potential inflammation near the surface.

The amazing thing about the CBD compound is that it picks up these messages from your central nervous system (endocannabinoid), and repairs the very cells that need to be healed.

Multiple CBD products are safe to be used daily and long term.

A 2019 report from the World Health Organisation (WHO) indicates that CBD does not appear have the potential for misuse or dependence — unlike other pain-relieving substances.

CBD Isolate products ensure that the highest quality CBD compound is extracted from the hemp plant under laboratory conditions. These CBD isolate oils are legal to buy in the UK as they have have no THC and therefore no psychoactive effect.

There are so many ways to incorporate CBD products into your pre and post workout regime, these may include:

Where and how to buy CBD?

Another common query is where to buy high quality CBD isolate oil or CBD muscle balm or cream for pain with such a plethora of products now available on the UK market.

Yahoo finance reports that he CBD industry was valued at $2.8 billion in 2020, and is expected to grow to $16 billion dollars in value by 2026 according to a Statista report.

So there are millions of consumers out here looking for the right CBD supplements and products to support their daily lives.

Our best advice when buying a CBD oil product or CBD balm or pain relief cream is to know your source.

A high quality product can be found with specific retailers who are passionate about their business. They seek to find the highest quality CBD extracts, to make sure that their customers are getting the quality treatments they need.

A good retailer will champion and be an ambassador for CBD. They will shout, sing and dance about it. They will write about it, preach and teach about it, because they have experience. Invariably they have had a personal journey, done their research, become the expert, and built their business around it.

They will deliver to you the highest quality CBD oil to buy, because they come with core values of organic and certified natural products.

Look for these signs and you’ve found yourself a reputable CBD source for all of your CBD products and services from a trusted source.

Whilst it has been shown that further studies are indeed warranted, the industry and its advocates have a strong foundation for supporting our health an wellbeing. In a holistic, organic and natural way.

Over to you.

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