Start A New Regime With CBD

Start A New Regime With CBD

Start A New Regime With CBD

New Year New Regime, New Year New Me – how does it look for you, and do you realise how transformational the power of the best UK CBD oil can be?

If 2021 didn’t shake or stir you (and let’s face it, it probably did), here we are in 2022.

So what’s the big (or small) change going to be for you?

Do you have a specific health goal?

How is your wellness regime stepping up?

Do you really want to make a change this time?

Here are just a few of the questions whizzing round our heads and being prompted by our coaches at this time of year. So full power to you for stepping up the self care routine and focussing on your own wellbeing.

According to new research at least 50% of UK consumers say they’re more conscious about looking after their physical health since the pandemic. The findings from market research specialists GWI also revealed that 24% of UK consumers say their physical health has declined during the pandemic. The ‘connecting the dots’ 2022 report lists the most popular strategies that people use to manage their physical health.

All of which of course, has a direct impact on our mental health too.

At the top of the list is regular exercising, followed by eating more healthy, getting more sleep, taking vitamin supplements and spending time outside.

New Years resolutions and intentions for a new health and fitness regime are top priority for many people as we launch into 2022. As suggested by London News Time this week, ‘’Starting yoga or introducing CBD could be a great start to 2022’’.

Obviously we are firm believers that the power of the best UK CBD oil can really boost your new daily regime and have massive health benefits and impact throughout your year.

How? Read on.

First, let’s get some perspective.

So how can the best CBD oil extracts help us in the UK and Northern Hemisphere as we contend with the cold winter nights, shorter days and less essential sunlight?

It really signals the time of year that we need to tend to our health regime to fight winter infections and viruses.

Our awareness is massively heightened as the spotlight is firmly on the pandemic, and emerging news of alternative and holistic health options becomes apparent.

A healthy immune system is vital to keep us well and defend the body against inflammation, illness and infections of all shapes and sizes – there are millions of nasties out here.

Wellbeing plays an essential role in optimising immunity, and one major element of well being is sleep. The stress of our daily lives means we might experience prolonged periods of poor quality sleep, which makes us less able to fend off sickness.

When we sleep our immune system ramps up to help combat the source of infection through an anti-inflammatory response.

When it comes to supporting your immune system, supplements and best quality CBD oil can not only regulate your internal systems, but also help you to maintain the momentum needed for physical activity every day.

Regular exercise with a daily dose of best quality CBD oil can improve cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, help maintain healthy body weight and protect against a variety of diseases, viruses and infections.

Just a small to moderate intensity aerobic activity a few times a week and a bit of muscle strengthening and stretching a couple of times a week is a really good start.

To be fair, the very intention to take care of yourself and your own health – is a really good start.

Nutritionist Daisy York from the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (mBANT) and founder of wellness platform ‘meetaegle’ reminds us that 70% of the immune system is actually in the gut. This means cells in the gut are constantly monitoring the environment for triggers that may require adjustment or action.

Nourishing your full body, including the beneficial gut bacteria is very important to remember when taking a holistic approach to optimum health. As is:

Your immune system is directly impacted by your lifestyle.


Your immune system is directly impacted by your lifestyle.

Reviewing your past and present

New beginnings are a perfect opportunity to review the reality of where you are actually at right now, and how far you have already come.

Consider journaling your achievements in 2021. Consider your health and wellness strategies and how they have served you.

Now look at where you are at right now – take a breath and land into your body without thoughts of yesterday or tomorrow. This is the tricky one we forget to do sometimes, and it can be a bit of a life saver in stressed times.

Now we can look ahead, knowing where you have come from, and where you are now – where are you going?

It’s a bit like setting the SatNav in your car – you need to know where you want to go, and ideally have a route planned, before you set off.

So – what do you want to achieve with your health this new year?

Really take a moment to get into that.

How do you look?

How do you feel?

What can you do right now to start invoking that very feeling?

Start today.

The amazing thing about CBD oil is that it will support your central system in the way that your body needs it the most.

How CBD oil can benefit health is the hot topic for conscious professionals across the UK and worldwide, as people seek to find the best and latest health, diet and supplement trends.

How do you take CBD oil?

Incorporating this very conscious and grounding practice with a few drops of best grade CBD oil will have significant effects to your day.

Here’s how the practice could look:

There are of course a vast array of products available, so where to buy CBD oil is also a valid question. Here we advise do your research, and know the best UK CBD oil comes from a verified reputable source. 

In the UK, CBD isolate oil products are highly popular as they contain no THC – therefore they have no psychoactive effect and are legal to buy in the UK.

They are perfectly safe to use daily, and alongside other products which may include:

Whichever product you choose, practising consciously in this way will bring you into your body, grounded. This takes you out of the mind chatter and less grounded energies of overwhelm and anxiety.

The beauty of CBD is that there is not necessarily a ‘best’ way to take CBD oil, how you ingest it is really unique to each individual.

When taken daily, the natural compounds within these best quality cannabinoid CBD oils work directly with our internal receptors, to have a balancing impact on your central nervous system, which is responsible for pretty much everything. It regulates your energy levels, your sleep cycle, appetite, mood, and essentially all areas of your wellbeing.

By assisting in regulating the hormone levels in the nervous system, you can reach a state of homeostasis, which is balance and equilibrium in the nervous system.

This is the state needed to function and focus to the optimum levels that you may wish to be aiming for this year.

So if you are aiming to maintain a new regime – you need to maintain a healthy immune and nervous system, which will give you the motivation you need to dedicate to your daily routine.

What does a dose of CBD feel like?

It literally depends on you, and what your intention is behind it.

Firstly determining where to buy your CBD oil, and which product is your first step. The best CBD oils available to buy in the UK will be certified, organic, and should hit the exact spot it is needed for.

Whilst the CBD compound has not been directly labelled as an adaptogen, the compounds of hemp (CBD is one of over a hundred active compounds in the hemp plant) have many adaptogenic qualities. Put simply, the plant works with the human body for a vast array of conditions.

Each human nervous system works in a unique way, and the CBD compounds speak to the receptors in the nervous system, to find out where they are needed, and they rush there to get to work.

Therefore it is often found that a very noticeable attribute of the best CBD oils will offer a relaxing effect on the whole body and mind. When used every day, the effects become more noticeable as your system receives an incremental dose.

Craft your New Regime with CBD

With so many options available to us to buy CBD products in the UK and worldwide – we now have access to an abundance of ways to take care of ourselves, and launch into a new regime with confidence.

Stepping into a higher version of yourself has never been so essential – or supported.

We are in this together, moving forward into a new arena of health, wellness and happiness.

Then – when we are happy on the inside, we can radiate this to the world.

This is what we are made for!

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