Pain Management & Recovery

CBD Products for elite fitness

Applied topically, the popularity of CBD pain relief cream UK, and muscle rub is booming in the UK and beyond. Millions of fitness enthusiasts are searching out where to buy CBD cream for pain. CBD products for athletes and the elite fitness network are an increasingly popular option due to the instant localised soothing effects on the muscles and joints.

At Infusd our products are made with the finest quality ethically sourced organic plant extracts, to give you the best natural pain soothing and healing experience. Whether you are suffering from any kind of muscle or joint pain, or an athlete seeking speedy recovery times and preventative measures, CBD pain relief cream UK and CBD muscle rub UK are your daily allies for optimum performance. Popular among the elite fitness network, CBD joint relief cream, CBD Muscle rub UK, and CBD isolate products are now a daily training supplement.

Apply CBD for Pain Relief

Our soothing CBD joint pain relief cream is UK crafted with the intention to alleviate pain when and where you need it most. When applied topically, CBD products for athletes work directly with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), and the nerve receptors locally which are responsible for the pain sensation. Athletic performance and recovery in the joints are fully supported with this pure plant extract cream. Applied at regular intervals throughout the day, you will receive natural instant benefits without the side effects that popular over the counter products may produce. Many people have also reported the efficacy of CBD for back pain.

Soothe your muscles top to toe every day

Our CBD Muscle Rub (with speedy UK and worldwide delivery) is the perfect solution to aching muscles after intense exercise, or as a luxurious indulgent reward for your efforts. This pain relieving muscle rub is crafted with the intention to alleviate muscle pain immediately. Treat yourself daily to promote optimum recovery. When applied topically to the area needed, the CBD will work with your ECS, and the pain nerve receptors directly. Applied daily, pre and post workout, and on rest days, you will see instant benefits without any side effects.

Our CBD products for athletes carry minimum to no side effects. As opposed to over the counter products and chemical options which can have a number of known side effects. Such chemical treatments can actually become detrimental to health with long term and frequent use, and even very addictive. Feedback has demonstrated that CBD isolate products do not carry these risks. As with any new product, we do advise a minimal amount on a small area of skin to test the reaction of the skin.

CBD soothes both pain and inflammation by activating the endocannabinoid system (ECS), and the nerve receptors responsible for pain. Our finely crafted CBD pain relief cream UK and muscle rub have naturally occurring cannabinoid compounds which bind to the receptors within the cells in tissue, skin and nerves. Applied topically, a localised paid relief is experienced as the cream absorbs into the skin and gets to work with your pain receptors directly.

We advise you do! The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a complex network of the nervous system, so using a CBD pain relief cream UK or CBD muscle rub alongside our CBD drops, you will be receiving maximum benefits. The ECS is a whole body complex, so pain receptors receiving the cannabidiol (CBD) both locally, and internally, will receive the necessary message and react to relieve pain. Applied topically and taken orally regularly during the course of the day, you will receive natural instant benefits without the side effects and risks of over the counter anti-inflammatory products.

The products are definitely not just for athletes – we just happen to know that athletes suffer from pain and inflammation in the joints and muscles often, due to intense pressure on the body. We figure that, if these products can help athletes maintain their peak performance, then absolutely everyone can benefit. Our CBD products carry potent healing properties and we are confident that CBD pain relief cream UK and CBD muscle rub will support athletes and householders alike. Many reports of the use of CBD for back pain which is key for core fitness.

Our organic hemp-derived CBD products (with less than 0.3 percent THC) are legal in the UK. CBD isolate products carry no THC, have no psychoactive effect, and are totally legal and safe to use. The use of CBD products for athletes is widely accepted across numerous sporting bodies and is not prohibited by the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). Most major sports leagues and athletic organisations do prohibit the use of THC. Taking CBD shouldn’t cause you to test positive for THC, particularly if you choose CBD isolate products.

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