Indulge in a daily luxury CBD Skincare regime

Infusd presents a miracle luxury CBD skincare range where beauty meets benefits to support your daily morning and evening skin care regime, for a radiant and clear complexion. From CBD bath bombs, CBD lip balms and roll on products, to rejuvenating night cream that works whilst you sleep, our unique organic CBD skincare products are finely crafted using carefully sourced pure oil blends for your full body nourishment. These rejuvenating CBD cream for skin products will regenerate your skin cells to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and hydrate the skin with natural healing oils.

Radiant results for youthful skin

Your skin is the largest organ of the body. It protects us, regulates us and allows us to experience sensation. Your skin deserves the best treatment you can offer. Our luxury CBD skin care range carries anti-aging properties by preventing the damaging environmental oxidative effects and free radicals in the skin cells. Used topically every day, the properties of our organic CBD skincare products work in harmony with your skins’ sebaceous glands, producing sebum, keratin, collagen and elastin. These are the substances which hydrate the skin with our natural oils, and CBD compounds actually have the ability to promote balancing oil activity in the glands of the skin. Indulge and nourish the precious attribute of your skin with our luxury organic CBD skincare range. 

Our pure CBD skincare range carries the essential antioxidants which defend our bodies from the attack of free radicals. Our entire human organism is made up of millions of molecules that contain atoms with two electrons. If the electron is impaired it is known as a free radical. These free radical cells are reactive and volatile, and cause damage to healthy skin cells. Antioxidants are enzymes which protect our system from producing free radicals. CBD skincare has many potent antioxidant properties which can also support the production of collagen, sebum, keratin and elastin. This helps to slow down the aging process caused by the oxidative effect of free radicals in the skin, and can even help to combat degenerative conditions.

In short – yes. Our luxury CBD skincare is loaded with antioxidants, which are the best natural enzymes to support all skin types. The products are gentle on the skin and contain the most finely sourced and extracted organic plant oils. We would advise, as with any new product, to start with a small amount of the product as a test, and check out the results on your skin. Our CBD cream for skin has been clinically and scientifically tested with proven results of nourishing and healing skin cells.

Our CBD drops can be consumed orally and absorbed into the system to promote the healing of conditions including eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions internally. Taken this way, it additionally reduces the levels of anxiety and stress that can also trigger the skin condition in the first place. CBD drops can also be taken alongside joint and muscle creams to reduce inflammation and stresses in the system. We advise that topical products such as our night cream, joint and muscle creams are applied on the skin for a soothing, anti-inflammatory effect, alongside our CBD drops for daily maximum absorption.

Our Infusd luxury CBD skincare products reflect our brand ethic, to bring you the finest crafted pure infusions. Our CBD skincare range is free from all parabens and toxic chemical compounds such as silicones, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, mineral oils, and palm oil. Infusd unique organic CBD skincare products are finely crafted using carefully sourced pure oil blends for your full body nourishment.

The beauty of these luxury CBD skincare products is that they work with you, your regime, and your system, so there is no one answer here. It really does depend on the products you’re using, and how frequently you are using them. The best time to take CBD oil is every day, consistently. It is recommended that several products are used together, throughout the day consistently. Your daily commitment to your skin care will give you the results you wish to see. The relaxing effects of our CBD bath bomb in conjunction with a few CBD drops of oil, will certainly have an instant calming and relaxing effect. Our hydrating night time cream works whilst you sleep, and when used regularly, subtle effects are apparent every day. Our Muscle Rubs and Joint Relief cream will give you instant relief from pain, and work even faster on the inflammation in your body when taken alongside the CBD drops.

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