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If you’re looking for the perfect set of fast-acting CBD products to aid your recovery and pain management, then you’ve come to the right place. Our Ultimate Recovery Set is full of high-quality CBD-infused products developed specifically with recovery in mind.

The market is set to explode with alternative remedies and therapies. So, it’s no surprise that millions of sports enthusiasts swear by the benefits and power of CBD in both their sports and their recovery. Could you be one of them?

Discover the benefits of CBD-infused Joint Pain Relief Cream and CBD Muscle Rub Gel for your recovery. Whether you’re a passionate gym-goer, a health enthusiast with an active lifestyle or are simply looking to aid with joint pain and recovery – our CBD Recovery Set was made with you in mind.


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Discover the Benefits of CBD for your Recovery and Pain Management

At Infusd we pride ourselves in crafting and delivering the finest high-quality products. We use ethically sourced organic ingredients and plant extracts in combination with CBD Isolate to give you the best natural soothing and healing experience. Whether you are suffering from muscle or joint pain – or maybe you’re an athlete seeking speedy recovery times and preventative measures – countless people are now experiencing the benefits of CBD Pain Relief Creams and CBD Muscle Rubs in the UK. Could you be one of them?

CBD Muscle Rub Gel: Packed full of essential oils and 1000mg of high-quality CBD Isolate, our CBD Muscle Rub Gel is developed to deliver pain relief directly to your muscles and joints.

CBD Joint Relief Cream: Our CBD Joint Pain Relief Cream is developed to provide comfort and pain relief so you can be back on your feet faster than ever. Infused with 1000mg of CBD Isolate and high-quality natural ingredients selected with pain management in mind.

CBD – also known as cannabidiol – is one of over a hundred compounds produced by the hemp plant. These compounds are known as cannabinoids and have been found to have an array of impressive medicinal and therapeutic properties. This potential has made them increasingly popular in recent years. None, however, have become as recognised and sought-after as CBD. 

Like other cannabinoids, CBD is able to interact with a receptor system in our bodies known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Through these interactions, CBD may be able to influence a number of important bodily functions, including mood regulation and pain signalling. As a result of these findings, CBD has become an immensely popular ingredient for health and wellness products. CBD can now be found in various pain relief and recovery products.

The versatility of CBD as a wellness ingredient means that it can be administered in various ways – including through the skin. As we mentioned above, CBD interacts with receptors that are expressed throughout the whole body – including the skin. This makes the skin an ideal target for CBD, whether you are looking to improve general skin health or tackle muscle and joint pain on a deeper level.

Our CBD Pain Management & Recovery products have been developed to support effective muscle and joint recovery. Applied at regular intervals throughout the day, pre- or post-workout, and at the end of the day, our products promote natural and effective benefits to aid with your recovery. Wherever your muscle pain is, our products are designed to be easily applied and absorbed anywhere. We truly believe that incorporating our CBD range into your daily fitness regime will set you on track for elevated workouts and speedier recoveries.

CBD may be a useful addition to topical products to address pain and inflammation. For example, some studies have shown that CBD may have pain-relieving properties that could make the products in our CBD Recovery Set useful for body pain, inflammation and everyday wear and tear.

A growing body of evidence suggests that CBD could be useful for the management of various types of pain. For example, a number of preclinical and clinical studies have begun to assess the pain-relieving potential of CBD in various kinds of pain.

In relation to joint pain, some studies indicate that CBD could be useful in pain associated with arthritis. Such findings are supported by anecdotal evidence from countless sources. Countless anecdotal reports also suggest that CBD formulations like our CBD Muscle Rub may be useful for muscle pain relief. In addition to standard sports-related recovery, many people have also reported that CBD can be beneficial for back pain; however, more clinical research is needed in this area.

Our products have been carefully developed to promote the potential benefits of CBD. However, they are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or health condition. You should always consult a doctor if you are concerned about your health or if you are considering using CBD in combination with your current medications.

This is a common question when it comes to topical CBD recovery products. Our answer? We actually advise that you do! Our CBD Muscle Rub and CBD Joint Pain Relief Cream have been developed in the UK using safe natural ingredients that are not only good for your joints and muscles, but also for your skin in general. This means that applying both products as and when you need them is completely safe, and could even boost the benefits of CBD!

Furthermore, applying any of our topical products in combination with our CBD Oil Drops could unlock even further benefits. The target of CBD – the endocannabinoid system – is expressed throughout our entire body. This means that delivering CBD on both a localised and internal level could offer more rounded results.

In recent years, it seems that countless sports stars have begun to speak out about their CBD use. Furthermore, many world sports authorities allow their athletes to use CBD products during their competitions.

So, does this mean that CBD recovery and pain management products are only for athletes? Absolutely not! We simply figure that, if these products can help elite sportspeople and athletes to maintain their peak performance, then absolutely everyone can benefit. Some evidence suggests the potential of CBD for back pain and other types of pain.

Each of our CBD-infused products, including our CBD Muscle Rub and CBD Joint Pain Relief Cream is made in the UK. We use the very best natural anti-inflammatory ingredients and complementary essential oils. We are confident that our Recovery Set can offer a boost to your pain management and recovery regime.

Whether you have muscle and joint pain from everyday wear and tear or a sports injury, our products are designed to support athletes, families, professionals and householders alike. Many people report of the benefits the use of CBD for back pain – which is key for our core fitness and general well-being. Discover the benefits of CBD for Recovery and Pain Management today.

While hemp naturally contains a large number of compounds, CBD has become the most popular in the wellness world. The incredible potential of this humble cannabinoid has triggered the emergence of an entire industry. Here at Infusd, we champion this potential by using only high-quality CBD Isolates with up to 99% CBD purity.

In contrast, some other CBD products also contain a combination of other hemp compounds to promote the so-called Entourage Effect. For example, full-spectrum CBD oils contain a complete range of cannabinoids and terpenes – often including THC. Similarly, broad-spectrum CBD products also feature a range of other hemp compounds, but with THC removed. Our choice to use pure CBD Isolate allows us to guarantee that each and every one of Infusd’s high-quality CBD products – including our topical products – contain zero THC.

Our CBD Pain Relief Cream and Muscle Rub carry minimum to no side effects or risks. This is a consistent promise across our entire CBD range. Unlike many other over-the-counter remedies, CBD has been found (as reported by the World Health Organisation) to carry little to no risk of serious side effects. Furthermore, CBD can be used consistently and frequently without the worry of an increased risk of side effects.

As with any new product, we do of course advise starting with small amounts of product on the affected area of your skin to test the reaction before applying in larger quantities.

Let Our CBD Recovery Set be Your Natural Remedy

If you’re looking to join the CBD Recovery revolution or simply looking to try a new product to promote muscle recovery, our CBD Muscle Rub and CBD Joint Pain Relief Creams are the perfect option. We strive to offer the perfect natural remedy to all your recovery needs and our CBD Muscle Rub is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out our full Pain Management & Recovery CBD range to discover how CBD could improve your daily regime.

Our aim is to bring the benefits of CBD to as many people as possible. Our CBD products have been meticulously developed to the highest standards. As such, each and every one of our products has our ethics built in. This is an ethic of pure authentic structure processes and pure organic ingredients


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