Leave Lockdown and Return to the Office with the best CBD products

best CBD products

Leave Lockdown and Return to the Office with the best CBD products

Leave Lockdown and Return to the Office with the best CBD products

The health and wellness market is expanding with the best CBD products in the UK, and these products can support all aspects of our return to the office after an unparalleled year.

We’ve exchanged our meeting rooms for zoom calls and for many it’s been a while since we wore those shirts. So the anticipation of adjusting from virtual to in person is affecting us all in various degrees.

One thing is for sure, we have never been so conscious of taking care of our health, and as recently reported by many including lifestyle magazine Vogue, the best CBD products in the UK have assisted with a vast array of conditions during the lockdown – maintaining a strong immune system, reducing stress, anxiety and sleep issues to name a few.

A recent survey by Brightfield reported that 39% of current consumers expected to increase CBD use during the pandemic. Of Millennials and Gen Z consumers – 49%, and we continue to witness the growth in the market for the best CBD products in the UK.

People of all ages and backgrounds are recognising the benefits of CBD and are sourcing the best CBD products in the UK to support their holistic health needs as we transition back to the work place.

As the nation now steps back out into social and professional gathering again, the focus on health and lifestyle choices has never been so prevalent.

Now the time has come to return to the office – and this is no simple transition after the year we have just experienced. Many of us have become accustomed to working from home, and now face the return to the workplace or office and all the complexities this potentially entails.

The Best CBD Products in the UK

Worry not, help is at hand.

The CBD industry research continues to show us the clinical value of CBD, and there are now numerous sources for the best CBD products in the UK market (look no further).

It is completely understandable that people will have concerns over protecting their immune system, our best ally and defence against illness.

CBD products in the UK can support, balance and strengthen your internal systems by allowing the products to work with your endocannabinoid system – thus supporting your whole nervous and immune vital pathways.

This supports the defence of unnecessary and unhealthy toxins in the body, reducing the risk of illness significantly when used consistently in line with your committed healthy lifestyle choices and daily routine.

Whilst so much emphasis has been placed on our physical health care, studies show that the mental health of the country has been massively affected by the pandemic.

Mental health during lockdown has been a huge challenge for so many, and it is absolutely valid to feel some apprehension and anxiety at this time, which is where CBD offers a supportive role in your daily health essentials.

Together we are rebuilding and reshaping our lives, and finding new ways.

Returning back to the office and mingling with colleagues and co-workers again may seem like a breeze for some, however for others this is a really big transition to navigate.

We have got used to working from home, taking things at our own pace and adapting our working day and schedule. This has all been a massive change, and now we are embarking on yet another huge shift to our daily routines.

We must gently re-integrate into society, remembering with compassion that we are all in this together.

Self-care and staying health conscious is more essential than ever in these times, as we see lockdown restrictions lift. Luckily there are many ways in which we can support ourselves, and each other.

CBD products support mental health

Studies show that CBD products in the UK are currently helping millions of people with their mental health, and the return to the office is as much a contributing factor as any. In fact existing anxiety could well be exaggerated by this move, and it would be well advised to proceed with caution, but know that you are supported.

Lockdown has taught many of us that self-care and self-awareness are more than a passing trend.

As we become more self-aware, we learn how to become better versions of ourselves and therefore better versions of ourselves within our relationships – both professional, and personal.

This is key behaviour to take back to the office with us.

Here are a few pointers:

Assess your needs

how often do you do this, really? How much time do you really need to spend working, and how can you maintain a happy and healthy life/work balance?

Take time to assess your own needs, and set healthy boundaries around this.

Particularly with the possibility of work demands from colleagues or management that we may not have interacted with for a while. If it is possible and reasonable to say ‘no’, practice that! You may even inspire others, as we recognise the fine line between people pleasing and real service.

Schedule your time

Just because you have access to the office, does not mean you should spend excess time there!

Remember you have a choice, and you are capable to choose wisely.

The last year has taught us to steady the pace and allow ourselves a little more ease. There is the possibility that don’t need to prove our worth quite so fervently. Is it possible to ease back in to the working hours?

Taking breaks is no longer an option – it is essential.

Use the breaks to catch your breath, assess how you are feeling. Support yourself with the best CBD products in the UK during the course of the day. It is very safe to take a few drops of a good quality CBD oil a few times a day to aide your relaxed state of mind.

Support your immune system

With a healthy diet of fresh, live whole foods and less processed food.

Keep an eye on your sugar, caffeine and alcohol intake. The office place is prime for unhealthy habits, and this one is up to you to take the reigns of your own health. 

Supplement with natural immune boosters including CBD to reinforce your system further.

Simple solutions from the best CBD products in the UK, such as using a CBD infused lip balm throughout the day, will help your body absorb the healing qualities necessary to maintain a balanced system.


Especially at the start of the day, 20 minutes a day will keep your endorphins and positive hormones flowing. A walk at lunchtime, a yoga stretch before or after work will all significantly bolster your overall health with consistent, committed action.

You don’t need to become an athlete, but moving your body is key to good health.

The best CBD products in the UK market fully enhance the positive hormones produced during exercise.

If you have returned to sitting at a desk all day, then movement is key for you – especially outdoors!

Keeping the energy flowing through the body not only prevents your muscles storing tension, but it helps your immune system flush out any stagnant or toxic cells.

A muscle rub can really help any aching muscles after exercise and in fact, consistent use of multiple CBD products daily will help your system absorb and maintain the ongoing benefits.

Rest and relax

Your down time is more important than ever, so make sure you are getting enough rest, relaxation, and sleep.

Get rid of all devices and stimulants before bed time, and ease yourself into a good night’s rest with a soothing bath, followed by an evening skin care routine.

The best CBD products in the UK are especially designed to help you rest and get a peaceful night’s sleep, and prepare you for your return to the office with a well-rested night.

The best CBD products in the UK market are really gaining momentum at the moment as more and more people become aware of the healing power of CBD, as supported by ongoing clinical studies and trials.

Used consistently and regularly throughout the day, your body will deliver at peak performance.


Express yourself as openly and honestly as you can. If you are feeling it, share it with a colleague or mentor you can trust.

It may have been some time since we were able to directly connect with people, and it’s highly possible we may need to re-learn how to gently open and communicate how we are feeling again. Indeed for many this is a challenge at the best of times.

But it is also very healthy, and will build and improve your working relationships.

Your daily routine

Make sure you include your personal self-care into your own daily ritual, each and every day.

As many people may now have to go back to a commute and the structure of a working day, your health is number one above anything.

If you are functioning at the optimal level you deserve, you are in a productive flow, and you have control over this.

Make sure you take time for yourself to integrate, contemplate and meditate.

Change rocks our inner and outer world, so we need to maintain a steady balance at our core. These crucial quiet moments will utterly and undoubtedly enhance the medicine of the best CBD products in the UK to maintain the necessary balance for us intelligent high functioning professionals.

Try a little roll on across your wrist, forehead, or temples and take a deep breath as relaxation washes over you.

The best CBD products, every day.

Because CBD isolate products are non psychoactive, the best CBD products in the UK are not only completely safe, but more effective when used regularly each day.

Incorporating a few drops of CBD oil into your morning (and afternoon) coffee or tea can help to calm your nerves, and enhance your focus and productivity throughout the day.

You may need a little courage for these coming weeks, but you’ve got this – and the best CBD products in the UK have got you.

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