Dedicated and Consistent Self Discovery through CBD

Dedicated and Consistent Self Discovery through CBD

Dedicated and Consistent Self Discovery through CBD

‘’Your work is to discover your world, then with all your heart, give yourself to it’’ - Buddha

Self-discovery, self-development and self-care are all buzz words in the health and wellness world – is it selfish?

Yes it is, and it is consistent dedication to yourself each day that will reap the major rewards

Anyone at the top of their game will know that dedication to your practice is the key to success.

In fact, it’s dedication and commitment to yourself, your own health and wellbeing, that directly impacts the people and world around you.

Dedication, commitment and self-discipline are potentially scary words for many of us, but that’s where the journey begins. Owning your stuff – every damn day.

Now we can walk our talk and show up in the world as we are meant to.

Aligning with the rise in self care, is the rise in popularity of CBD oil. The online boom around the therapeutic value of CBD oil is here to stay, with the science to back it up.

When, how and why to take CBD oil?

How you take your CBD oil is really down to you too. The best time to take it, and how much CBD to take all vary according the individual, and even circumstances.

The wonder of CBD oil used every day is that it works in natural harmony with the main systems in the human body, and everyone is unique. Namely the endocannabinoid (ECS) system, a complex technology which is host to millions of cells communicating simultaneously through hormones and receptors in the blood stream.

The messages sent and received by these receptors governs how your day is going.

You can support these messages with consistent intake of CBD and a ‘self check in’ through the day.

The chemical compounds within cannabinoid CBD oil work directly with our internal receptors and chemical messengers, encouraging the growth of new healthy cells, and repairing any damaged cells.

Taken consistently and regularly in a variety of forms throughout the day, daily CBD oil will have a calming impact on your nervous system (CBD oil for anxiety is life changing) by balancing the hormone levels needed to hit the sweet spot of homeostasis.

This is a state of balance and equilibrium in the nervous system.

This is the state needed to function and focus to optimum levels. 

Stress? No Stress Necessary

It’s tough to hear this, but everything is a choice.

No, you don’t necessarily ‘choose’ to be stressed – or do you?

When our intelligent minds get to work it can really sabotage our overall wellbeing. But it is really up to us to discern how we react in any given situation – and carefully consider the situations we are creating for ourselves in the first place.

In the last year or so, we have really started to review our circumstances. Things like:

The list is endless and we all have a unique lens.

The key is this – it’s an inside job.

It takes consistent daily effort to work on yourself.

It is up to YOU to decide what feels good, what doesn’t, and what you can do about it.

Easy for me to say I realise, but trust that it’s not without extensive experience in the CBD and health and wellness field.

The global holistic health and fitness arena is ablaze with wellbeing professionals integrating alternative natural therapies and practices into conventional coaching and medicine. CBD products are trail blazing in terms of natural remedy for stress and anxiety related issues every day.

Research continues to evidence the benefits of the best CBD oil products for sleep, and supporting the nervous system to overcome common stress and anxiety related disorders which are rife in modern society.

These sometime crippling conditions are triggered by a variety of daily situations and circumstances triggering a chemical reaction within us. This reaction causes increased levels of the cortisol hormone, and decreased levels of the ‘happy’ serotonin hormone within the body.

CBD health is a daily ritual

‘’Everything we do is practice for something greater than where we currently are. 
Practice only makes for improvement’’ – Les Brown

From the moment we wake up, until we finally drift off – the things that we do in between are all up to us. We are responsible for our thoughts, emotions and actions, and we have to own that in order to maintain happiness.

How we show up in the world is up to us, and if we are seeking to improve that, it takes a dedicated daily practice. How we begin and close each day is a significant ceremony and refines our attitude to life.

The mind instantly wants to race upon waking, but we can tame that from the get-go.

Starting the day with an attitude of gratitude and a morning practice that is dedicated to you will shape your day.

Here are a few morning self-care examples:

If you don’t already have a morning routine, introducing one small thing at a time is the way. Consistent small steps every day will give you life changing results.

The monkey mind also loves to replay things at the end of the day, and your evening habits are also key in recognising your daily behaviour and habits.

A few evening reminders:

Consistent Boss like Dedication – it’s is a lifestyle choice

You are your own boss. We’re not talking work here, we are talking destiny.

Your lifestyle and your health is in your hands.

Working with CBD as your daily ally is a lifestyle opportunity towards better sleep, less stress, enhanced energy levels and productivity.

Ultimately, you decide what is best for you. Which CBD oil or drops you take, how much CBD to take, and the best time to take CBD oil. It’s different for everyone and you will find your balance in getting to know your system.

Obviously, do your research when choosing the best CBD products online, to make sure your source is pure, organic and reputable.

Investing in yourself first sends a message to your internal central intelligence – that you are worthy of this time, this effort, and an exceptional life.

Your nervous system does not need to be in constant survival mode, you were born to experience peace, prosperity, clear focus and – why not fun and bliss too. All is possible with daily dedication to yourself.

Your daily dedication to your internal central nervous system is the key to your vitality.

By committing to your self-care practice and daily consistent CBD micro dosing, your health will continue to flourish on all levels. If you allow yourself to receive the many benefits that CBD drops and products can offer you will prosper.

Every day, all day, it’s over to you.

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