Choose to Stress Less with CBD

Choose to Stress Less with CBD

Choose to Stress Less with CBD

Stress is an unavoidable aspect of the society we live in. Our go to trusted search engine Google tells us that the definition of stress is ‘’a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances‘’. We all know that one.

The good news is that there are many communities forming to bring natural solutions and support to these wide spread issues.

In 2018, the UK Mental Health Foundation conducted the largest known study of stress levels in the UK. They reported these figures from 4,619 respondents 74% have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope.

They further report that:

This is one of many recent studies which suggest that stress is something of a pandemic in itself and you are far from alone in feeling it. Stress, pressure, anxiety, tension – if we can’t seem to avoid it, there must be something we can do to ease it, right? Right.

Consumers are buzzing in the market to buy CBD, herbal remedies and alternative natural supplements to help combat stress, as an alternative to over the counter options that can carry a host of side effects.

The consequence of stress – freak out or burn out

Stress causes a whole variety of physical, emotional, and psychological symptoms, because the mind and body are often in a state of over stimulation. When we feel threatened, the brain sends millions of high speed warning signals to flood the body with stress hormones including cortisol and adrenaline.

When these messages get out of control, so do our life circumstances. It’s not a coincidence. Our bodies react with contraction. It’s like preparing for an invisible battle.

Then, because we have internally prepared, we go out into the world feeling uptight and defensive. This impacts our performance, habits, behaviour, and how we interact with others.

Anxiety rises and if we allow it to continue to rise, we get ourselves in all sorts of sticky situations that can manifest as physical illness, mental distortion and panic. Our tolerance levels become lower and our short fuse is ready to blow if one more thing comes our way – does it feel familiar?

Often we go through life at such a fast pace we can even be oblivious to all of this, and unaware of what is really going on for us in terms of how we are feeling. Not to mention that society has deep programming to suppress emotion.

We may buy CBD or other remedies, but we need real awareness of our physical state, before we reach a crisis point. We could be rushing through the day, ticking things off the ‘to do’ list and probably adding more on. As we add more things ‘to do’ we add more pressure and does the list ever end?

Ask yourself this – who is creating this pressure?

It is easy to blame others for ‘making’ you feel a certain way.. but how you feel is down to you. Even when life has thrown some really tough circumstances at us, it is these times more than ever that self awareness and self regulation are needed. So that we know hoe to give ourselves the right support, and also be in a position to receive help from others.

Owning your situation, and taking responsibility for your own journey is the only bridge to the other side. Being aware that an emotion is rising, and giving that time and space to process in the moment – means that we can self regulate. It means we don’t burn out or freak out.

The stark truth here is that it is down to you to take your power back, and get your own health in order. There are many amazing therapists, doctors and healers that can absolutely support you. However, this decision and first step can only come from you, no body knows you better than you do.

Choose not to be stressed

Surely, it can’t be that easy we hear you cry. No, it is not easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it. Especially when life throws us a real curve ball, it’s easy to get caught up in overwhelm and repetitive thoughts that cause more stress.

The great news is, more people are doing it. What is it they are doing? Choosing to focus on self care, better health, and natural remedies including looking to buy CBD oils and supplements.

As a rapidly growing movement is emerging, now is the best time to consider alternative and herbal remedies, and the best time to take CBD oil. Ok, so you don’t just wake up one day, take CBD and decide not to be stressed and ‘poof’ all is well. Of course, there is some effort and dedication involved here. But if anything is worthy of effort and dedication, is it not your health, your vitality, your life?

Even the New York Times have a well referenced report on the benefits how to use and buy CBD for stress and anxiety. It’s big news.

How often do you contemplate your own feelings?

If you are really happy on the inside, then you can radiate that on the outside – thus impacting others and the world around you.

Putting yourself and your own health above all else may seem selfish – and it is, but really, in the most selfless way. Think of it as putting your own life jacket on first – you can’t save anyone if you are drowning. When we are stuffing down our own feelings for the sake of others – we are sacrificing a part of ourselves that will eventually surface again in some way, nothing can be held in forever.

Life has a funny way of presenting us with the things that we need in order to grow.

Do you notice how the same situation may keep happening, or the same ‘type’ of personality keeps popping into your life? These patterns keep repeating until we become aware of them – then make the conscious choice to change.

Sometimes we are so out of touch with our bodies, that we don’t recognise what we are feeling – this is a huge red flag. If we do not know how we are feeling – how can we learn to regulate our emotions? Gabor Mate is one of many teachers from a long line that tells us, it’s the suppressed emotion that creates all dis-ease.

Having a daily conscious health practice, and incorporating supplements daily such as pure CBD oil will absolutely have a game changing effect on your life. When we can bring the state of our lives into a more regulated central space – now we are not stressed or worried or creating drama.

We will still have bad days, and of course we will still face stressful situations – but we are able to accept that, and navigate the terrain better. The emotion doesn’t overwhelm us any more and we don’t feel the need to react from stress. We can handle the things that are thrown at us, and realise it is possible to experience a life which incorporates dignity, grace and even bliss.

All you need is Love

Stress is a fear based reaction. The opposite of fear? Love.

Stay with us here – we all need a bit (or a lot) of Love.

If we can learn to get grounded in the body, and be fully present with ourselves, we can start coming out of the mind and into the heart. This is where the ruminating thoughts and mental loops take a back seat. This is where we switch the radio station of the mind from Neg FM to Programme Positive.

There are many practical ways to do this. First get grounded in the body, come into the heart, and out of the mind. This could include:

– Breathe with deeper breaths. Often our breath is shallow, therefore activating the sympathetic nervous system which keeps us on high alert. Deep breaths through the nose, especially elongating the exhale, bring the system back to the parasympathetic nervous system, of rest and relax.

Teachers such as Wim Hoff offer breath work exercises suitable for absolutely anyone and the benefits are profound. Try a few drops of pure CBD oil under the tongue a few times a day as you do this.

These are the best times to take CBD oil, when you are in awareness of your internal systems, receptors and hormone levels. It is then that you realise you are making the choice to become healthier – mentally and physically.

– Get some fresh air and connect with nature.  Changing your environment from being surrounded by artificial intelligence to being surrounded by nature is a guaranteed way to freshen and uplift your perspective.

– Cook yourself some nourishing food, get creative with fresh whole foods and a range of colour on your plate. If it’s not your thing, cook with someone. Buy CBD and add a few drops into the cooking – yes it’s a thing!

What we eat is a big one. Gut health is an integral part of your wellbeing, considering that the gut is home to around 70% of our immune system, and home of our endocrine system.

In conjunction with the ECS (endocannabinoid), these and complex systems regulate the hormones responsible for our mood, metabolism and energy levels.

– Listen to your music, move and sing – this lifts the mood and creates a lighter perspective. It can also help to transmute any unexpressed emotion.

– Congratulate and reward yourself for the things you ARE doing, and all the things that you are grateful for in your life right now. An attitude of gratitude shifts your mindset, and attracts more of the good stuff.

– Find your tribe. Those people who light you up and nourish you – talk to them, relate with them.  We are not meant to do this alone.

– Consider an evening wind down regime and bring in some organic CBD skincare. Luxuriate in a soothing bath, buy a CBD isolate infused body oil and incorporate a night cream crafted with CBD isolate. Your skin at night is the best time to take CBD oil as it will absorb as you rest and sleep.

If you’re looking to buy CBD, be sure to look for certified organic and ethical supplies. Start as you mean to go on and buy CBD that will work with you on this remarkable journey you are on. It’s the journey of a lifetime!

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