CBD for energy – how to Raise & Sustain it

CBD for energy – how to Raise & Sustain it

CBD for energy – how to Raise it and Sustain it

The great Albert Einstein defined ‘Everything is Energy’ with his infamous formula E=mc2. Broken down this equation means: Energy (E) equals mass (m) times the speed of light (c) squared (2). The big mystery that mass and energy are different forms of the same thing has intrigued academics and scientists ever since.

Mass is just one form of energy, with others including thermal, electrical, chemical and nuclear. Energy can be transferred from one place to another, and can transform to and from mass. Extremely intelligent and not really as complex as it sounds – though admittedly, it is a bit mind bending to comprehend at first.

In terms of how this relates to us – we are a walking mass of energy.

We are physics and chemistry on legs, with highly advanced technology holding it all in place and functioning at the speed of light. Is it any wonder that we feel the pressures of being human – it takes a lot for these brilliant bodies to function.

Keeping the body functioning well means being aware of, and maintaining, our personal energy levels. Living your best life means taking action to ensure your energy levels never get so depleted that you’re running on reserves.

When we manage our energy levels, optimum performance and potential is within our reach.

When a community of people or team are in this balanced state, really awesome things can happen, because the transference of the energy is literally infectious. When a group of people are in the ‘flow’ state, or ‘in the zone’ as Michael Jordan calls it, you’re totally in tune with your surroundings, present with the task at hand, and unwaveringly committed to achieving the goal.

Regulating and maintaining energy levels in the body

So many things impact our energy levels, from the food we eat to the company we keep.

Our external influences and stimuli surround us constantly, so it is important for us to be aware of how these influences affect our body and our health, and what we can do to keep on top form.

We are starting to see a significant rise in the options available to us with health supplements, herbal remedies and CBD for sale. Firstly, it helps to know that we have this awesome system called the ECS (endocannabinoid system). This incredible system is linked to our central nervous system, which is the mother board for our energy levels. It regulates the hormones responsible for our mood, metabolism and physical functioning.

In the past few pandemic years we have seen a massive shift in society, as people are becoming more conscious of their health and well-being. We have started to explore the options of natural alternative therapies. These remedies include the best CBD oil and other plant derived compounds which work in harmony and adapt with our bodies. 

Working with these plant compounds and the best CBD oils for sale are not just a quick fix – these supplements are here to stay and to be enjoyed for the long term. Homeopathic medicines are renowned for their benefits but must be used consistently, so this involves creating a new habit and daily ritual.

These regimes are just as important as the substance you digest – because what is really happening here is that you are giving your body a constant message that you are worthy. You are telling yourself every day that you are in charge of your body and your energy levels, and that you are among a global community of people growing with this movement and attitude.

This is all about a change in mindset, and it is this as much as anything, that will get your energy levels to a place of equilibrium – and get you ‘in the Zone’ more often. These peak states and optimum performance levels are not just for athletes or high level executives.

Anyone, anywhere, anytime can access these states if we make a dedicated choice to do so, and start taking the necessary steps in that direction.

If it feels like a mountain to climb – you cannot reach the peak in a day. It takes patience, perseverance, and commitment to yourself – but it is absolutely possible, step by step.

High Vibration is not just for Hippies

We hear the term ‘high vibration’ and may well have our own preconceived notions around what that means. When people carry a high vibration – it is a fact that others are drawn to them. Why? Because they are radiating good energy. They are in their power, they are walking their talk, and they are authentic. They show up smiling, because they love what they do and they do what they love. In every aspect of their lives.

They care about themselves and others, know how to look after their bodies, have a grounded and stable mindset and emotional balance, and therefore radiate assurance.

When we can operate from this balances state of homeostasis, the day to day things flow with ease and grace. That is not to say that difficult situations do not occur, and the mundane aspects of life don’t go away, but they don’t drag you under. It simply doesn’t take you so much effort to do things because the weight of the fear and panic are not weighing you down and holding you back. The mind is not so engaged in worrying and ‘what ifs’, and when emotions do arise they don’t take over and ruin your day, or anyone else’s.

The best CBD oil, when taken consistently and in various forms, works directly with our ECS and nervous system, to support this self regulation. Research continues to report that the best CBD oil has multiple functions to support anxiety, stress and tension in the body.

When our energy levels are low, we feel fatigue, apathy and even depression. Our internal systems are offline so we are unable to tune in to the balance or zone. When the nervous system has a helping hand from the best CBD oil, it is in a state of equilibrium and calm – so now we can start raising the vibration up a level, and really raise our game.

Raise your Game

Life coach Tony Robbins is a famous example of a high functioning, high achieving holistic health ambassador and advocate. His multi million dollar business and influential status on the world stage are a testament to his dedication to his practice. Coaches, therapists and mentors are an excellent way to glean inspiration on the various ways we can keep on top of our energy levels.

Here are a few other suggestions:

– Listen to music, dance and sing – this raises your vibration and creates a lighter and fresher perspective. It helps to shift the energy that literally gets stuck in the body, and unexpressed emotion. If this is allowed to build over time, we experience physical and mental symptoms. For thousands of years, humans have been using this as a way to feel better!

– Take some time and space to sit in peace and quiet every day. This may be for minutes or hours, but creating this space for yourself is vital if you’re craving inner peace. Try an aromatherapy roll on infused with the best CBD oil and applied to the temples and pulse points to add another layer of calm.

– Take care of your skin and treat your whole physical being well, with a CBD infused bath, followed up by a self massage body oil and a whole range of CBD products for sale in the homeopathic market.

– Have fun! How often do you do something just for the sheer fun and pure joy of it? Kids are excellent at this, and as adults we should not lose our sense of joy and fun. Whatever makes you laugh, lights you up and brings you joy – do that.

– Get plenty of fresh air and exercise, make sure you are breathing deeply and increasing your lung capacity and oxygen to the blood and brain. Encouraging the release of good hormones and endorphins is an absolute winner for raising your energy. There is a vast range of CBD for sale in various forms that can support any kind of training regime.

Fuelling the machine

We ultimately need to be conscious of how we are fuelling this human machine. If we are loading up on caffeine, energy drinks, sugar and synthetic pills, we are just giving ourselves a quick fix and heading for a hard crash.

The best CBD oil is an excellent addition to a conscious and healthy diet. When our bodies receive the nutrients and stimulation it really needs, then we can start to function and actually sustain good energy levels all throughout the day. We are also able to recover quicker, and rest better at night (check out the benefits of CBD for sleep).

Fuel may not always look like food though. When it comes to energy, it is wise to review your full picture. Your surroundings, home and work life balance and environment, relationships and finances – to name a few things that could form a bit of a life review. Its a great exercise to contemplate, journal and take stock of your current situation, and what you can do to improve it.

Don’t forget here to also review all the good things you currently have going on too. There is always something to be grateful for, and an attitude of gratitude is the kind of high vibe we are aiming for.

Our lives are shaped by our environment and our choices, and it is time to take ownership and take action. There is a global family out here and the best CBD oil to support you in doing just that – welcome to a higher level of consciousness.

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