If you have experienced any major or chronic physical pain, you may well have come across opiates or opioids. You may also be considering sourcing the best CBD oil for sale as an alternative natural solution.

You would be among a growing population and global movement of people taking their health into their own hands with a vast range of CBD oil for sale, and the market is growing fast. We have access and information now to a whole range of choices when it comes to our health and well being. According to Grand View Research, the global ‘complementary and alternative medicine’ market size was valued at USD 82.27 billion in 2020 and is forecasting some rapid expansion in the next few years. Health and wellness incorporating the best CBD oil for sale has become more than a trend – it is a growing culture that could steer us away from over the counter drugs, profiteers and addictions. CBD oil is for sale online and in most good health food or supplement stores, though it is really important to be sure you know where to buy CBD oil that is pure, organic and ethically sourced.


Opiates are a type of pain killer medication which is sourced from the opium poppy plant’ Opiates have been used for centuries for it’s ability to block the sensation of pain in the body.

Chemical man-made synthetic versions of the compound are known as opioids. ‘Opioids’ is actually often used to describe all forms of opiate medications.

Opioids attach to receptors within the cells of the body (namely in the nervous system linking the brain and spinal cord, and then carrying the messages to other areas of the body.) Opioids reduce the transmission of pain messages to the brain and nervous system, and therefore reduce the physical pain sensations in the body.

Common over the counter opioids are well known, really popular and include powerful prescription painkillers such as oxycodone (OxyContin), codeine and tramadol, among others.

Anyone who has experienced these pain killers may have also experienced some pretty rough side effects. These can range from drowsiness and nausea to straight up addiction if you are a long term user living with any kind of chronic pain.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that opioids are ‘currently the main driver of drug overdose deaths’. The UK Office of National Statistics advise that approximately half of all drug poisoning deaths registered in 2020 involved an opiate.

A sobering thought.
But that kind of thing only happened to ‘other people’ right?

Other people like Elvis, Prince, Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger to name a few celebrities. The truth is, opioid addiction can happen to anyone.

Prescription pain killers are killer.

Our medical specialists have been advising us and we have been listening. Human beings do appreciate and need support, so these amazing professionals absolutely have great value in society.

This structure has however, kept us comfortable with being told how to take care of ourselves.

It has got us used to the quick prescription to numb the pain – but what of the consequences?

When our body is in pain, that’s a sure fire message to tell you something.
Slow down, stop, pay attention to yourself!
Enter the rise of ‘alternative’ medicines
Over the counter pharmaceutical drugs and modern western medicine of course has it’s place, and we are blessed with brilliant scientists, clinicians and health care professionals.

But in addition to this, having a well informed, well rounded overview of all the options and alternatives, and the option to choose what is right for us – is empowering in itself.

Just the action alone of committing to making the best decisions we can for our optimum health and potential, we deserve that.

Research and studies in the area of the best CBD oils and hemp plant extracts as an alternative therapy have been underway for decades. In 2019 a clinical research team discovered that compared to a placebo, CBD oil ‘reduced drug cue-induced craving and anxiety’ in the participants.

Complimentary and alternative medicines are a range of health care treatments which are not offered in the mainstream pharmaceutical industry. We recognise this is a contentious topic, but seeing as we have opened the door – isn’t it worth exploring? Isn’t it worth considering all of the alternatives that we may not have tried out of suspicion that it’s something that the hippies and shamans do? There is actually a vast growing crowd of professionals, athletes and health workers seeking a more natural and holistic approach to their health. A new US group study is currently under way, to determine the best CBD oil for sale as a ‘promising pharmacotherapy for the treatment of opioid withdrawal’. The Daily Mail was even bold enough to state that ‘’Cannabis-derived compound CBD could be used to treat heroin addiction by reducing addicts’ cravings for the illegal drug‘’, citing ‘Researchers in New York tested the effects of CBD on 42 former heroin addicts found the cannabis-based medicine reduced their stress and anxiety’. News giants CNN and NBC in the US have also recently reported the benefits of CBD discovery of supporting heroin addicts through recovery with the best CBD oil. CBD is now also mainstream news, and massive business (it is currently estimated global market value at 2.8 billion USD with an expected 50 per cent increase over the next few years). We are becoming more aware that it is possible to live a more balanced and healthier life. Let’s get focussed on caring for ourselves, instead of taking the pill for convenience. It was recently reported by Health Europa that one in seven of all new opioid users became long-term users within the first year. Homeopathic, natural and alternative therapies simply don’t produce these figures, because these therapies come with a lifestyle and a mindset. When you are determined to take your own well-being into your own hands, you are reclaiming your power. You are telling your body that you have got this, and you are going to improve. Your brilliant mind will work with you to talk to the cells in your body and heal you.


It is common to develop a dependence on certain medications if you use them for a long period of time, particularly when it comes to the relief of chronic pain. This simply doesn’t happen with CBD. When it comes to finding the best CBD oil for sale, provided you have a pure source and best quality ingredients, the risk of any side effect is minimal. In fact, this is why the use of CBD products for athletes is widely accepted across numerous sporting bodies and is not prohibited by the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). In addition to this, the Expert Committee on Drug Dependence submitted a full critical review report in 2019 for the World Health Organisation. The report states that of the trials and research mentioned, CBD was tolerated in all patients, with no signs of toxicity or serious side effects

How to take CBD

With so many options of CBD oil for sale it can be tricky to decide which product to buy. Make sure that you are buying the best CBD oil from a reputable source. Look out for pure and organic ingredients.

Taking drops of the best CBD oil for sale under the tongue is and easy and popular way to administer it, several times a day.

Did you know though, that your skin is also a great ally for the absorption of CBD, so these methods are also an excellent way to absorb CBD oil into the system:

There are many ways to take the best CBD oil for sale from your chosen source. This is the first step of your wellness journey, and with this step, you are now propelled forward into well supported territory.

Masses of people over hundreds of years, working with complementary therapies and plant medicines including CBD are certainly onto a winning formula.

This is why we are seeing a massive boom in this industry, and a massive improvement in the health of the people buying into it.