We all strive for a ‘balanced life’ don’t we? But what does that even look like, and where are we supposed to start? Firstly, it’s about self awareness and knowing yourself. You start with You.

CBD isolate products are becoming increasingly popular among a sea of people in the self discovery market, as more people embark on a journey of knowing themselves, and taking care of their own health and wellbeing.

Life is busy. If we are juggling a career, a business, a family, a home, a partnership, and all the life admin things in between, no wonder so many people often feel dizzy and overwhelmed.

We are inundated with information in our society, and with so much to filter, no wonder we live in an age of chaos and confusion. However, it doesn’t actually need to be that way.

What if:
There was a way to approach every situation in a calm discerning manner? There was no drama, and your day flowed with ease and grace? Even when you are faced with adversity, you can hold it together and not freak out? This was all down to the choices you make in life? Of course, we are human, so bad days and situations happen. Circumstances shift and change and stuff often comes up that shakes us up. That’s when self regulation and choice come in to play.


Holistic health and wellbeing are more than just buzz words, it is a lifestyle.

Alternative and natural remedies, plant medicines and supplements including pure CBD oil are actually a vast growing movement.

This is about people taking charge of their health, their bodies and their spirit. It is about people stepping into their power and owning their self worth, self respect and self sovereignty.

It is an aspect of human potential that can be forgotten and overlooked when we are running on reserves and trying to keep up with who and what is trending, or trying keep other people happy.

It’s a Yin and Yang Thing

The theory of inner calm, peace and balance goes way way back. Ancient Chinese Medicine practices speak of Qi (Chi, which is your vital life force energy). Your essential Qi is a blend of Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) which, in a healthy human would look be in equal balance.

Whether you’re male or female, you have both masculine and feminine aspects.

For example, the masculine side of you gets stuff done, is the builder, the provider, protector and inner fire. Our feminine aspect is the creative, intuitive, receptive, emotional and inner water element.

It is important to keep these aspects of ourselves in check – if the masculine is too present, there can be an unending sense of ‘doing’ and fixing, which can often lead to a burn out.

When the feminine aspect takes charge, look out for over compromising, emotionally unstable and similarly – lead to burn out because you’ve spent so much time pleasing others. When these are in balance, the outer world is reflective of the inner.


Doing your research into pure CBD oil will lead you to the endocannabinoid system (ENS) and the central nervous system (CNS).

Our central nervous system needs to be in balance in order for us to function at a level known as homeostasis – balance. Pure CBD oil and CBD isolate compounds are working directly with the receptors in the nervous system to maintain this state, when used every day.

So how do we get to this state of homeostasis, and how do we make it last? It is a great exercise to have a regular life review (why wait for a crisis or your final breath).

For example, consider your current self care routine, your eating habits, how often do you take fresh air breaks or move your body. How often to you take time alone, or space to process emotion? How often do you make time to contemplate your big dreams, the things you want to achieve and what holds you back?

Think about your relationships, who is in your support network, who do you spend time with that makes you feel good? The people and community that we surround ourselves with are integral to our daily balance.

When other people start to take up too much of our time, it’s a good time to take stock of how we are spending our time and who with. What do you spend your time doing, and how often do you do something just for fun?

The list could go on but you’ll be getting the idea. You will get a good feeling or a bad feeling with some of these questions. That feeling right there is the only authority you need. A truly balanced life would have you feeling fulfilled that you have a wholesome amount of things that align to your values, the things that really matter to you.

There will always be things in our life that challenge us, things that we do not want to do. Being human tends to go that way. But when we have plenty of the good stuff in our day, the not so good stuff seems not so bad.

When pure CBD oil and CBD isolate are used daily in line with a regular daily practice of consciously and actively taking care of yourself – you are on your way to the sweet spot of balance.


Ask your self – and your cells

The human body is a complex intelligent technology, with trillions of cells and neurones communicating with each other constantly and simultaneously.

Scandinavian and Nordic countries are among leading pioneer states promoting holistic health practices including the many benefits of pure CBD oil.  Eco Life Scandanavia report the benefits of CBD infused yoga and meditation. How?

Here’s how:

Meditation is not necessarily an esoteric act in a set of robes. Meditation is about creating a space for YOU to be with yourself, without distraction.

Here are some common pre conceived myths around meditation:

The fact is, you can take any time, any place to meditate. Author and speaker Eckhart Tolle says that ‘’The essence of meditation is not something we do; rather, it is simply to be, fully present and aligned with life in the moment.’’

The key is being fully present, showing up with consistency and commitment – to yourself.

Incorporating pure CBD oil into a daily meditation routine will support your process – things like an aromatherapy roll on infused with the best CBD isolate oil can be applied to the temples and forehead throughout the day.

Similarly, there are a number of misconceptions around yoga such as needing to be bendy or flexible or:

None of these are close to true. Yoga is for every body, and helps you gradually get to these places. They call it Yoga practice, not Yoga perfect. The true meaning of Yoga is Unity – this means inner unity, ie balance within.

Leading brands such as Gaia are building huge online communities across the globe, for anyone who has any level of interest in these practices. It can be done at home, and it can last 10 minutes. It can be done in a class and even feel euphoric.

Move your body in whatever way feels good for you. It doesn’t need to be impressive, but moving and stretching encourages essential endorphins and your mind, body and spirit absolutely love it.

Let’s just add a brief caveat here – do not attempt advanced yoga postures if you haven’t done them before – it take practice, lots of regular practice.

Yoga is about connecting to yourself (on and off the mat). It is a lifestyle, an attitude towards life, and self discipline. It is about getting to know who you really are, so you can present to the world in a real and authentic way.


Other ways to self regulate and find your balance:

Pure CBD oil or CBD isolate are not your magic pill to cure all. They will rapidly enhance the experience in supporting your whole system, if you are ready to learn and apply the lifestyle tools for self improvement.