The CBD For Sleep – 7 Steps To Cloud 9

Worldwide research demonstrates that CBD may be used as a sleep aid as it can help to regulate your sleep cycle.

Well, we have tried and tested CBD for sleep disorders, when to take CBD oil for sleep, how many drops of CBD oil for sleep, CBD effects, CBD products, and CBD benefits.

And we have slept. Blissfully.

Between 10% and 30% of adults struggle with chronic insomnia (1). Sleep disorders are a growing concern amidst the pressures of being an excellent human in a busy modern society.

Sleep issues affect people of all ages, and its impacts can be far-reaching, manifesting in mental and physical fatigue and a variety of symptoms.

A good night’s sleep empowers the body to recover and allows you to wake up refreshed and ready to for the day.

It rejuvenates the body so you can function at your full potential – and the good news is, you certainly can.

As the rising popularity for CBD products gains momentum, millions of people are discovering the many ways CBD effects and impacts their life, not to mention the quality of rest.



Reduce caffeine and alcohol before bed.

Try replacing any night time drink with a few drops of CBD oil in a relaxing herbal tea blend before you go to bed.

Often herbal teas including Camomile, Valerian, Lavender, Lemon balm, among others will work with the CBD isolate drops and your body to help to balance and calm the nervous system (2).

As the digestive system relaxes, you relax. Then sleep, soundly.

By cutting out caffeine and alcohol – you might not even need to get up for the loo!


Pamper yourself, you deserve it. Run yourself a hot bath, and throw in our CBD bath bomb. Blended with the finest CBD, Epsom Salts, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Avocado Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Rosehip Oil and Pomegranate Oil, our CBD bath bomb is the ultimate recipe for sinking into the relaxation zone. Allow yourself to switch off, and relax. Ditch the devices, you don’t need that now – it is time to replenish, rest and relax. It is time just for you. Ease the stress of the day away with a personal spa for one, you have earned it.


As the International Federation of Aromatherapists will testify, Aromatherapy has been renowned for centuries to help calm and nurture the body to prepare for rest (3).

An aromatherapy aromatic lavender CBD Roll On balm applied to the temples and forehead before you close your eyes for several hours (or even treat yourself to a nap).


Sleep disorders can be related to tension in the body. Stretch it out gently. Allow your muscles to release the tension of the day. Set the scene for yourself with soft music, incense and candles. Consider a Yin or restorative style gentle yoga practice. If this isn’t your usual thing but you could go with it – try just ten minutes of conscious movement and breath, and check in with yourself on how you feel. You should feel much easier. Follow it up with a soothing massage with our CBD Body Oil, our special blend of Essential Oils, Antioxidants, Fatty Acids and Vitamin E, that will instantly soothe any aching muscles. Treat yourself well – you are absolutely on the right path if this is resonating with you!


Switch off all devices at least an hour before you go to bed, and really try to limit night time screen time.

When it gets dark, the body releases the melatonin hormone, which decreases our alertness, and promotes rest.

Research by the National Sleep Foundation has reported that exposure to ‘blue light’ from screens affects the body’s production of melatonin.

Rest your eyes, roll some relaxing lavender infused CBD oil product over your forehead, and breathe deeply – through the nose.

CBD isolate products are here to support you with all of these symptoms.

Allow the soothing lavender aroma all the way into the lungs and abdomen as you fill up with fresh oxygen.

Meditation and deep regulated conscious breathing through the nose eases you into the parasympathetic nervous system. Or rather, out of any ‘fight or flight’ situation. Breathing through the mouth can fire up the sympathetic nervous system – which is the place your body reacts from when any kind of anxiety arises.

Allow the soft lavender scent to bring your awareness to your breath. It is time to rest now.


The key to winding down for the day, is the wind down part. Do you have an evening skin care regime? Having one is not only a great physical self-care practice, it also sends a psychological message to your brain – that you are worthy of this time. That you are worthy of this pampering treatment. Begin by cleansing the skin, consider spritzing with a natural toning mist, and then apply our lovely Hydro Rescue Night Cream, designed to help your skin naturally repair itself while you’re sound asleep. The fine crafted blend of nature’s own Avocado Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Coconut oils help lock in moisture that repairs your skin cells and helps with hyperpigmentation. Which is a really good thing.


How is your boudoir looking? Fit for a king or queen?

Slipping into clean fresh cotton sheets, under a cosy duvet, soft pillow, in a clean tidy and tranquil space. That’s the fairytale.

Consider clearing and sprucing your sleeping area, to create a peaceful environment for yourself A space where you can relax, replenish and rejuvenate. Your private sanctuary.

Have a handy CBD oil dropper bottle next to your bed. How many drops of CBD oil for sleep varies for everyone, it is recommended that just a few drops will help your system rest.

Quality sleep is the corner stone to your wellbeing. Allow CBD for sleep as a part of your self-care routine, try some of our sleeping tips, and cultivate your perfect rest.