Better Sex with CBD – it’s an Orgasmic Adventure

Better Sex with CBD – it’s an Orgasmic Adventure

Better Sex with CBD - it’s an Orgasmic Adventure

CBD UK products are taking the holistic health markets to a new level, with the bedroom action as being no exception. In fact, when asked ‘how do you take CBD oil?’, millions of enthusiastic people in the know could well respond ‘in the bedroom baby!’

Yes, it appears it is true. Let’s dive in.

Research shows us that one of the most popular uses of CBD in the UK is as an analgesic, to relieve pain directly. CBD for sleep, stress and anxiety, balanced hormones, and improved blood flow are going to support your whole system to spice things up in the bedroom.

When it comes to sex, there can be a myriad of mind games and emotional complexities, as well as physical symptoms that can be quite a big deal for both women and men, in all our most intimate places, spaces and relationships.

Let’s talk about Sex

Sex has been a taboo in our society for a long time, particularly in the UK, we are really good at avoiding conversations around sex as we have trained to keep it private.

Many people don’t actually realise therefore, how many common disorders there are, and just how many people are affected by them every day. If you are experiencing difficulty around sex – mentally, emotionally, physically – it’s OK! Loads of us do! It’s an adventure!

These are manageable conditions that can be shifted quickly with a few lifestyle adjustments.

For example, conditions such as Dyspareunia are surprisingly common. This is a general term for a range of physical and emotional symptoms that can lead to painful sex. This is a major barrier that prevents up to 40% of women from enjoying and experiencing the pleasure of full intimacy, as recently reported by CBS news.

Conditions around sex can have a significant impact on all areas of mental and physical health, body image and obviously intimate relationships. In which case, working on your self care first is a priority here. It’s all rooted in emotion really.

Boosting libido and increasing lubrication is a win-win scenario, only if you are feeling in prime condition to share the best of you. 

Our intimate relationships reflect to us anything and everything that we need to know and see about ourselves.

CBD will work with your own nervous system to nurture and relax you – but remember this is also one part of your whole lifestyle. Holistic health is about your whole being, and the well being of your whole being.

How you are feeling will govern your actions through the day, and how you are able to relate and interact with others.

How do you take CBD oil to support your sex drive?

A survey from Remedy Review reported 68% of people said CBD UK improved their sex life, simply because it aids in relaxation so much.

One benefit of CBD for sex is that it can act as a lubricant in many ways between the sheets.

Not only is it an all-natural alternative to chemical-based lubes, but CBD also has amazing anti-inflammatory properties, which could make sex more comfortable for both parties.

CBD can also work to stimulate the nervous system, and the ECS (endocannabinoid) receptors in the sexual reproductive organs are part of this precious organism.

Many people all over the world, every day, have anxiety about sexual performance, which decreases their libido and sexual energy reserves.

Relieve anxiety, take good care of your own system first, the energy flows and increases, and the desire for sex may well indeed go up.

Let’s add here, that this isn’t a magic pill to pop and suddenly become the sex god/goddess of your wildest fantasies. There is nothing external that you can reach for, that will suddenly transform your performance. In bed, or anywhere else for that matter.

What it’s really about is YOU. CBD works with your own unique endocannabinoid and central nervous system, so getting clear on what is already going on in there is a major part of your journey.

CBD oil drops and products can help to calm you. So, firstly, use it with the intent to take some time to be alone with yourself before you jump on anyone else!

Things can only improve when you figure out and know what you need, what you want, and what you desire. Once you are clear on that, now perhaps you can work at communicating that to your partner, and levelling up.

You can incorporate the many CBD products available in the UK market into your sex life in a vast variety of ways. Examples include:

– CBD oil drops or edibles before sex to promote more fulfilling sex

– Using a CBD body massage oil

–  Applying CBD lubricants to reduce dryness and enhance pleasure

– taking luxurious CBD bath and pamper yourself before sex to set the tone

– Use a CBD roll on aromatherapy to support relaxation and yummy feeling

– Soothe any aches and pains with a CBD muscle rub

CBD for sleep will ensure that you are getting your rest, as well as your play

How does CBD affect my body?

CBD oil products contain cannabinoids that interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

Think of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) as a traffic system that regulates the internal equilibrium or homeostasis. Inside the ECS, there are receptors, enzymes and naturally occurring cannabinoids that act as signals or stop signs to facilitate neural communication between the brain and the body.

These naturally occurring compounds affect the body’s internal energy balance, mood, appetite, stimulation, blood pressure, memory, growth and pain receptivity.

CBD works with the ECS and central nervous system to reduce inflammatory pain, improve brain function, lower cortisol levels and relieve muscle tension.

Furthermore, we’d go as far as to say it adapts so incredibly with our bodies that it does many, many things including:

– For women particularly, CBD can support increased lubrication, heightened arousal, and pain relief for anyone who experiences painful sex.

– In men, CBD may help with erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow, supporting relaxation and the ability to perform for longer.

– CBD products can reduce stress hormone cortisol levels, and support anxiety reduction

– CBD is a natural inflammation crusher, and can help to reduce chronic pain

– CBD for sleep products can promote better rest and sleep by relaxing the nervous system, muscles and mind

– CBD has a massive impact on balancing hormone levels, which can seriously affect your sex drive

CBD also helps a process called vasodilationwhere blood vessels expand to allow more oxygenation into tense muscles

Sexual Energy - It’s all on You

It’s easy to get into games, blames and judgements with a partner around sex. But at the end of the day, it is really all down to you, and the choices you make with your health and sexual wellbeing.

Checking in with yourself, first and foremost, every day – will help to keep your sexual energy in check.

In ancient Tantra practice, sexual energy is known as Life Force, or Chi. It is said that sex is a gateway to the divine. Anyone who has ever had a full body orgasm can testament that for sure.  Sexual energy is your drive, your desire – but it’s not all about ‘having’ sex.

When it is flowing, it is game on.

When it’s not flowing, it’s game over.

These ancient and tantric practices teach us that sexual energy is a precious commodity not to be thrown away. If you think about it, it’s a miracle that our bodies can produce such incredible sensations at all. We are here to experience pleasure, after all. Often we forget this in the day to day grind – but these bodies can experience a myriad of sensations in a heart beat.

So taking the best care of our bodies and our internal systems will impact how we go about our day, how we interact with people, and importantly – who we interact with.

Sex is great for fun and pleasure, but what about preserving and protecting our energy levels?

If you are here then you will already be curious and on the intelligent path of self awareness. If you are working with CBD then you are working with your nervous system already to improve your life.  CBD products will magnify this amazing work that you are doing on yourself already.

When it comes to the bedroom, your desire and your performance is all related to your internal  state and how balanced you are feeling in the moment. As with the organic nature of our best CBD products – nothing can be rushed. Everything has to be nurtured so that it can grow and flourish in its own time and in its own way.

A big key when considering any CD and holistic health practices and products – is owning your stuff. In taking full responsibility for your own wellbeing, then you can share that with those you love, and really give your best in the boudoir.

Now it’s time to really turn things on and turn it up.

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