Amplify your Healing and Growth with CBD

Amplify your Healing and Growth with CBD

Amplify your Healing and Growth with CBD

It’s that key time of year when folks are thinking about taking better care of themselves. Perhaps sort out the diet, exercise more, quit an unhealthy habit.

One thing is absolute – Your healing and growth starts from inside You.

The rise in popularity of CBD isolate products among health supplements for sale in the UK is huge and growing rapidly. To give some context, the ACI and Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC) estimated the 2021 value of the UK cannabidiol (CBD) industry at £690m.

Marie Claire magazine is among several high end publications listing current celebrities who are endorsing the health benefits of CBD and CBD isolate products in the UK and worldwide.

Two things here are super apparent:

1) People want to live better lives.

2) People know CBD oil can help with that.

How does CBD support personal growth?

So, you want to heal and grow, and you want to know how CBD can support that?

The simple fact of the matter is that there is no single pill that you can take that’s going to make you suddenly bounce into your best version of yourself.

It’s going to take commitment from you.

This is empowering, and health conscious consumers and professionals are reaching for CBD isolate products in their many forms to support this.

Among the key factors taken into account with CBD isolate products is the impact it has on our stress hormone receptors. The most important measure we can take in order to help ourselves is to reduce stress and anxiety.

Our daily lives are directly impacted by our emotions, so it’s time to take responsibility.

Where to begin?

It’s actually simple. First, just take a breath.

Doctors, masters and therapists throughout time have spoken about life energy and the breath in many different practices including Martial Arts, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Yoga, Tai Chi, Dance and endless physical fitness practices.

The Latin word ‘Spiritus’ means breathe of life, and spark of inspiration.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, spirit is ‘the immaterial or sentient element of a person‘.. the vital principle in man and animals, that which gives life to the physical organs.

It is this life energy that causes us to grow.

It is this life energy that enables us to heal.

It is known as ‘Prana’ in some cultures, ‘Chi’ in others. Life energy which enters our body through the breath.

It is this life energy that flows through the body, stimulating our blood, organs and tissues.

The natural compounds of CBD work in harmony with this exact flow of energy, as they attach to the receptors within our central nervous system, to get to the places where the imbalance is occurring.

Any imbalance of the flow of our vital life energy leads to a fired up stress signal, therefore launching into the sympathetic nervous system.

This aspect of our system is a rapid fire involuntary response to dangerous or stressful situations.

Great in a really dangerous situation – not so great in every day life.

A flood of hormones raises the body’s alertness and heart rate. When this state is prolonged, it will eventually to sickness and disease.

Research has shown us how the body interacts with the CBD compounds to combat anxiety and stress hormones in the body. CBD has a proven track record for calming the nervous system, encouraging happy hormones, and reducing the not so happy hormones.

The clinical science is written, with further research warranted and trials underway.

Why CBD isolate?

CBD isolate oil products are highly popular as they contain no THC, there’s no psychoactive effect, and are legal to buy in the UK.

There is a huge variety of CBD isolate oil products for sale in the UK now, so where to buy CBD oil is also a valid question.

Do your research, and know you are buying from a verified reputable source. You will know this by their language. If they are transparent and lit up to share knowledge, these are your guys as it is more than just a shop front – it is an authentic passion and lifestyle, and they know the good stuff.

A good provider will care, and will source only the finest laboratory certified and organic products to support your health and well-being.

You see, this is a movement, community, a revolution - more than just a product. This well-being renaissance is forming a part of our new society and culture.

Grazia Magazine reported in January that almost 40% of people are now searching for CBD products to ease stress – rising to near 50% for millennials and Gen Z.

CBD isolate products can work directly with the central nervous system to maintain a more balanced state. If you incorporate it into a daily self care routine, your growth and healing is in full flow.

Your daily dose

Self awareness and growth takes effort, practice and dedication. Your body, mind and spirit will strengthen and improve only with your daily practice.

Give yourself a daily dose of self care medicine

Yes, CBD oil will absolutely amplify this journey, but it is your mindset that is your saving grace. There are many supplements and drugs that may relieve the symptoms of a sickness, but there is no quick miracle cure to the root cause.

The true cure always involves a change in a person's attitude towards yourself and towards life.

With dedication (to yourself), there are so many life hacks that can make you feel instantly uplifted, incorporating CBD isolate products into your daily routine.

These could include

This is a really important one that makes us often uncomfortable. Particularly in certain cultures where we are encouraged not to talk about our feelings. However when we bottle up our emotions this is eventually manifested in mental and physical ill health.

It’s time for Radical Self Care

Healing ourselves and self care is so much more than a hot bath and chocolate (although these are very nice).

Real self care is in your every living moment, getting conscious with your thoughts, words and actions. Becoming aware of this and observing yourself is a massive step towards a higher consciousness and potential.

Becoming conscious of how we are feeling in the momentis key to our well-being and health. When you are in your body, aware of how you are reacting, responding and behaving, that makes it so much easier. For how we relate to others, and how we represent in the world.

Real self care is taking a long look at yourself, and deciding what you want, and who you want to be.

Looking at where you are now, and where you are going.

Then start taking the gradual, gentle, steady consistent steps to get there. It’s not a race (they say it’s the journey, not the destination after all). It can be messy and uncomfortable – the bare truth is that is life, and that is growth and evolution.

Every bit of mess and discomfort has a flip side – of joy, peace and contentment.

John Diamond In his book ‘Life Energy’, suggests that it is ‘’every person’s birthright to develop their true potential and aspire to evolve fully.

This is our goal along the path of life. It is towards the goal that we may move if we cultivate positive emotional attitudes and physical, mental and spiritual health.

Reaching towards the goal can be achieved by

Incorporating a high quality CBD oil to work in harmony with your natural rhythm and system, can really help to boost and cultivate all of these necessary life shifts.

Holistic health and well-being has become massively popular over the last few decades in the West. However these are ancient practices that we have forgotten over time, particularly since the rise of the Industrial Revolution and advances in modern Medical Science, that have brought us big pharmaceutical companies.

Nature is our greatest ally

Having studied, researched and explored natural wellness for many years, TV personality Martha Stewart is even becoming a rising star in the CBD wellness industry. Canopy Growth recently quoted her as “exploring the effectiveness of CBD and other cannabinoids as they relate to improving the lives of both humans and animals,”

Due to the rise in suspicion around major pharmaceutical companies, the holistic health and wellness movement is here to resurrect the ancient knowledge that we have always held.

This knowledge is no secret – nature, the plant kingdom and our own energetic resources are our greatest allies for reaching our highest potential in terms of health and wellness.

Natural plant extracts like CBD isolate work in natural harmony with our bodies with way fewer side effects than over the counter drugs.

If you’re wondering how do you take CBD isolate oil, it can be taken safely in a variety of ways, every day in drops or topicals.

When CBD is used consistently in conjunction with a dedicated daily practice – we can really level up and radiate our light out into the world. It is possible that we can really define and serve our purpose here to create a new world. A better place for ourselves, our families and the future generations to come.

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